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If I had to describe myself and goal in life it would be one word. Joyful. Joy not only happens to be the name of my special grandmother and inspiration in life and the middle name of my firstborn but also how I like to live my life- full of joy. I like to be happy (whether it's with ice-cream or big smiles) and I LOVE to bring joy to others!


Hi!!!!! I'm Tamsyn,


(pronounced Tam-sin) and although my name is not often heard of in the US, it is a name that you will find often enough in my birthplace of Cape Town, South Africa. 


So how did I find myself on the other side of the world as a portrait photographer? Now that's a story!


Being a professional photographer wasn't always my dream but it is something that has been apart of my life since before I can remember. A love of photography blossomed when I was a young child. I would explore my creativity by "borrowing" my Dad's cameras and eventually getting my own disposable ones. By the time I got my first digital camera at 14, I was hooked. I would spend the majority of my adolescent years taking my faithful point and shoot camera everywhere, being counted on as the designated photographer and photographing my not too willing friends and our adventures. At 21 years old, after collecting my Bachelor of Arts degree, I chose to follow a different dream and I flew across the ocean on my own to start an adventure in the city of dreams, New York. It was this grand adventure (and its many mini-adventures and travels!) that would change my life and put me on a path that I never saw coming- the path of running my own photography business. 


Fast forward many years of traveling, crazy adventures, making life long friends, meeting my future husband, moving all over the country, having a baby and MANY moments of doubt and fear and you'll be where I am today. 


North Carolina is where I now call home. I spend the majority of my days, sitting behind my much-loved desk-littered with lists, picture frames, and cute stationery, working on my business or dreaming of being on the beach. (A year-long tan is the dream right?)  When I am not working, you will find me on the couch "Netflixing" with my husband and best friend, Jason and our two pups, Lady and Liberty snuggled between us. You will also find our daughter, Sav reading her beloved books or cuddling with us. When we aren't on the couch, our family is out on an adventure- whether it be finding a new food spot, exploring a new part of our state, or decorating our home. Photography is my unbridled passion but my family and love of people are my driving forces. 


Some of my favorite things include meeting new people and hearing their stories, Thanksgiving (and all the food that comes with it!), everything Christmas (I'm a Christmas baby so Christmas is my JAM!), writing, home decorating, fashion and style, any kind of boot,( tall, short- I love them all!) frozen yogurt, horses, sunny days and belly laughter.


An adventure I started at twenty-one years old changed everything that I thought I knew about my life. It was that adventure that made me realize that being a photographer was more than just a hobby. It was my God given gift and a gift that would fulfill my ultimate purpose- to bring  joy, strength, confidence and beauty into the lives of others. Photography also allows me to fulfill my other passion- meeting new people and hearing their stories! I am seriosuly honored to be able to be apart of these storeis and capture them forever through photography.


Each day I am thankful to love what I do and I'll forever be eternally grateful for "borrowing" that camera all those years ago...


If you'd like to know more about my other adventures, keep an eye out on my blog which will be launching soon! 



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