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Have you ever stood in front of a camera and been very uncomfortable? Where do I put my hands? Why does this smile feel weird? Where do I look? Don't worry, that's me too and that is completely normal! It is also why one of the key elements of my work is fostering joyful and kind relationships with my clients. Getting to know my clients and fostering a friendship allows them to feel more comfortable with me.


I fully understand that being in front of the camera is not a natural thing. You would think that my Theatre and Performance Degree would give me an edge, but just like everyone else, I too get nervous and insecure when put in front of the camera. However, my degree and experience  allows me to understand this and know what works best in front of the camera, as well as how to put these actions into place. It gives me a greater understanding of how my clients might be feeling in front of the camera; but also the unique tools to gently guide them into sweet and natural poses and even allows for them to feel comfortable enough to create the beautiful candid ones! 





For me, my clients are more than a paycheck-they are individuals with their own unique story- a story that they have chosen me to capture. Being able to hear and be a part of these stories is one of my favorite aspects of what I do. I love to discuss the details and find ways in which to incorporate special, unique aspects into each of my sessions. In doing this, I am able to create images full of not only emotion, but sentiment as well- images that can be cherished memories for years to come. 

Beyond getting to know YOU, I love to create photos filled with light, soft colors and lots of emotion. I am a natural light photographer which means I love to shoot outdoors, preferably just before sunrise or sunset. This allows for the soft light that provides my clients with bright eyes, dreamy skin and wraps them up in warmth and glow. I also believe in doing as much work as possible in camera. This means that I am able to quickly edit your images and get them back to you as soon as possible. I completely understand the NEED to see your images, which is why I will often send sneak peaks the very next day! Your final images will be delivered in a beautiful online gallery which you will be able to scroll through to your hearts content!




For the sweet couples and intimate weddings or for those adventurous elopements. All wedding packages come with a free coffee date consultation, beautiful planner and a new best friend! (Who is willing to make sure your dress is fluffed just right and that you always have a drink or snack on hand!)

Prices  dependant on packages.
Please contact me for more information


For the engaged, the mama's to be, the sweet families and all the couples in between.

Sessions are 60 minutes and include an outfit change. They are shot in natural light and yeild 40+ digital images delivered in a beautiful online gallery which is fully downloadable! 

Starting at $215

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