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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my session be?

Most of my sessions are  between 60 to 90 minutes-it just depends on the type of session you'd like as well as outfit/location changes. I always allow some extra time for changing outfits and/or locations! 

Where will the session take place?

Wherever you'd like! If you don't have any specific locations in mind, I can happily suggest a few that will match what you are looking for! Locations can be in your backyard, your home, a favorite park, or a location special to you. I also do newborn sessions in the hospital or in home and will happily shoot in a location of your choosing. Just let me know as soon as you can as some locations require permits. 

What should we wear?

It's always best to keep it simple and classic but don't be afraid to dress it up a bit! Lighter colors normally work best as well as clothing with some flow- eg: maxi skirts and dresses. It's best to avoid being too matchy or wearing items with brands/large prints. The best clothes however are the ones that you feel comfortable in! Accessories like jackets, hats, scarves, bowties and pretty necklaces can also can go a long way!

Can I wear more than one outfit?

Yes, of course! I am more than willing to allow for an outfit change- just let me know so that I can make sure to give you enough time to change. An outfit change is completely your choice. Some of my clients want images with more than one outfit where as others are happy not to change outfits at all. It's completely up to you!

When and how will we receive our images?

Firstly, I completely understand the NEED to see your images ASAP which is why I will often send sneak peeks within the first few days after your session. You can expect your fully edited gallery anywhere from 2-3 weeks (although this is often a little longer in the case of weddings). You will receive your digital images in the form of a beautiful, high resolution, fully downloadable online gallery! 

How many photographs can I expect to receive?

This is dependent on the type of session you book with me but it's generally 40+ digital images for full sessions. I believe in sending you as many images as I can- especially the sweet candid ones!  All of these images will be professionally edited in accordance to my style, for light and color with minimal retouching. I also do like to include some black and white images as well! 


Are we allowed to bring pets to our session? 

YES PLEASE! Pets are family and I completely understand that! Plus they add the sweetest of touches to your images! Just please let me know ahead of time- that way I can make sure to have a squeaky toy and treat handy! 

What time is best for our session? 

The best light for taking portraits is either in the early morning or just before sunset. However, I can absolutely make any time work. I completely understand that your schedule, pets and children don't always work with the light's schedule and that's ok! My main priority is always going to be working with what is best for you! 

What happens if it's due to rain during our session? 

Oh no, rain! Urg! If it is set to rain on the day of your shoot or awful weather conditions are predicted, we will reschedule for as soon as we can! I usually like to make this decsion either the evening before or morning of your session, because the weather is always changing. So often rain is predicted and in the end, it turns out being a beautiful and sunny day! I do also always bring the cutest clear umbrella's with me to every session, just in case it rains in the middle of your session.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes, I do! However, I only do them at certain times of the year, generally in the Spring and Fall and for Christmas. I do sometimes offer specials and discounts though so be on the look out for these throughout the year!

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