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Newborn Shoot (In Hospital) | Tino Family

You know how you say you will never do something and then you end up doing it anyway? Well, that was me with newborn photography. I swore I would never do a newborn shoot (Just didn't think they were my thing) and yet here I was, in the Mother-Baby unit of a hospital doing just that...

I had met Dani months before her actual shoot. We had become friends when she had moved to town and I had found out that she was pregnant, just like I was. I had had my own first born just two months prior and both my daughter and I were so excited for her little one to arrive. Dani and her husband, Nick had decided not to find out the sex of their baby, so we were all very excited to see what their little one would be! To the surprise of many, it was a little baby boy and oh how excited I was when I found out! Little Jackson would be the perfect best friend for my daughter!

The day I did Jackson’s newborn shoot was the day after he arrived in this world. It was a Monday and oh, how I wish I could describe my excitement. Dani had so sweetly agreed to have pictures done in the hospital. For me, this would be incredibly special as it was the same hospital where my daughter was born. As soon as I stepped into the Mother-Baby unit, I became emotional. Bringing life into this world is such a beautiful and wonderful thing, (even if the process itself isn’t always!) that I was seriously kicking myself for not getting pictures of my first few days of being a mom. I had figured that I would be exhausted and a mess and the last thing I would want is pictures but looking back, I really wish I had. I was so excited to be able to capture this for Dani and her husband Nick though that I excitably scoured the halls, looking for their room. I quickly found it and as soon as I entered, I met the new dad. I was so happy for him that I honestly struggled to find the words. After I finally managed to congratulate him, I washed my hands and rounded the corner to see a whole lot of family members and of course Dani and little Jax.

I had decided that if I was going to do this newborn shoot, that I wanted to do it in a documentary/candid kind of style. I wanted candid pictures of the new mom and her newborn. It was why I had offered to do this shoot right in the hospital room. Now, most new moms (me included!) would not want pictures the day after giving birth but Dani was so accommodating and looked absolutely amazing! I did make sure though that my focus (figuratively and literally!) was on the baby which allowed the mom to be as relaxed as possible as she would not be the main focus and thus wouldn’t have to worry as much about hair and make up etc. Once I had greeted Dani and spoken with her and her wonderful family, I pulled out my camera and got to work on setting it up. Now every photographer knows that fluorescent lighting is not the best light to work with and unfortunately, hospitals are full of them! It was later in the evening so I had no natural light and just had to make the fluorescent light work! I adjusted my camera settings and got to work. I focused on being an observer and as non- intrusive as I could. I didn’t pose Dani or baby Jax, instead, I just let everyone interact naturally with the baby and I moved myself to get the pictures. When the new dad picked up his newborn son, I moved to him to get those sweet shots. I managed to get photos of mom and baby, dad and baby, grandma and baby, the new family unit and some candids of little Jax in a very short amount of time and I honestly had so much fun doing it!

I really thought I wouldn’t enjoy newborn photography but I really loved this shoot. I felt so comfortable and full of love and happiness to be able to capture the sweet first days of parenthood. Those first few days as a new mom are so overwhelming and scary and they honestly go by so fast but being able to freeze time through photography is such a gift for a new mom.

As I said my goodbyes and left the hospital, I decided that this type of newborn photography was something I wanted to pursue. I again kicked myself again for not having pictures of my first few days of being a mom and vowed, if I ever had another one, I would get in hospital pictures! I know I looked a mess and was sleep deprived but my baby girl is growing so fast that I long to look back at those first few days of having her in my life. If the shoot didn't convince me, the pictures sure did! I absolutely loved them! They were also the last pictures I took with my old, faithful camera, Coco (Yes, I'm the weird girl who names her cameras!) before I retired her to be our family camera.

Dani+ Nick, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special time for your little family! It was such a blessing and a priveledge to be able to do this for you both and I am so excited to continue watching you as parents and watching little Jax grow!

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